Smith Mountain Lake: Don’t Miss the Boat!

Are you Missing the Boat at Smith Mountain Lake?

Wow…when I look at sales and properties under contract
I am constantly reminded that we are doing great here at the lake…it was so busy yesterday on the water and that’s a testament to the economy here and the message that Smith Mountain Lake is alive and well.

What’s interesting and perplexing though, is the number of people who are still waiting for the bottom to drop out….not hundreds of you, but literally thousands of people surveyed by their agents about lake property! That’s a lot of people who are missing out on only a few hundred properties to choose from…….

Here are some secrets that perhaps you don’t understand….when you get listings that say, “reduced….reduced”…and then again in a few days, you get that house again, and it says “reduced”….it’s a marketing tactic by both the seller and their listing agent….

98% of what you receive are NOT my listings….at all…..
I’ve been a “Buyer’s Agent” for almost 10 years here now and want you to know secret tactics which everyone else employs…they THINK they’re savvy….but they’re really not….

You see…you guys are set up with auto emails…which you like to open each day at your leisure…that’s awesome….but here’s one of the tactics agents are using to get you to click on their properties or at least take a look, a million times:

They have a written agreement with their sellers to lower the price let’s say…$100/week….so….you end up seeing that property at least once a week…the perception is that you think prices are going down, down, down. But what’s really happening in your subconscience is this: you either grow to hate that house that you are being forced to see…OR you think I’M sending it because I’m trying to SELL you on a particular house…Nothing could be further from the truth!

At any rate, that tactic seems to backfire more than anything.

Frankly, the only thing that concerns me is when people wait around for years and miss once-in-a-lifetime “recession type” pricing…….this is the last chance to buy low and sell higher at Smith Mountain Lake and I truly see a pattern where people are looking, and looking and not visiting and not taking any action…

I can’t stop agents from doing stupid things with the database….and I can’t make anyone buy lake property, but I CAN tell you that if you want to get in on some real deals then you have to have a plan….and you definitely don’t want to wait until next season because blogs all over the internet have already put out their stastical data showing resort and luxury property sales on the rise….other than Florida and Gulf Coast…of course. AND TO THAT REGION OF THE UNITED STATES, WE SEND OUT OUR HEARTFELT SUPPORT, THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS FOR A QUICK CLEAN UP AND RECOVERY!

You need to know whether or not you need to borrow
a “jumbo” mortgage which is now more than $417,000 loan….Less than a jumbo? Well that’s great! Because mortgage rates are at an ALL TIME LOW!

Do you have 20% to put down? That helps you avoid PMI
Do you have less than 20%? No problem! There are products for that and local lake lenders are here to help…but you will have to pay mortgage insurance.

You only need a small property to get on the lake….later, you can sell that property and bump up with the leverage of what you have gained on your property sale…take the same sized mortgage and get a larger home….some people do this every 2-5 years and work their way up to mansions and estates…..

If you just need a small place on the lake, figure about $330,000 and up—even for a doublewide…and that’s been consistent for the past 4 years. That’s the bare minimum, and for trailers of any kind, you need cash because almost no one will lend on them now……..

So…here are our sales for the lake so far:

Waterfront Sold and Closed:
To See All 86 Click Here

Lake Access Sold and Closed:
To See All 33 Click Here

Smith Mountain Lake Lake Access and Waterfront Under Contract:
To See All 53 Click Here

I certainly hope that these updates help…..the best advice I can give you is to be ready to take action when you see what you want because as you can see, there are already 172 properties off of the table

It’s time to take action and go grab your American Dream!
Everyone Else is………….What are You Waiting For?

All the best!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noreen Hartkern is a well-respected Zillow 5- Star Agent on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, with over 20+ Years of Real Estate Expertise. Noreen is an Accomplished Realtor, Real Estate Consultant, New Construction Specialist, Blog Writer & Photographer. In Addition to Listings and Sales, Buyers and Sellers Agency, She has Extensive Experience as a Home Renovator, Rehabber and Flipper, and is a Published Author on That Very Topic.

Her Passion is Living and Working the Waterfront Lake Life and Helping Her Clients Find Lakefront Properties and Hidden Gems. Noreen is also an Accomplished Vocalist and Musician and Prides Herself on Being a Self-Made Entrepreneur. Quite Simply, Noreen is Your Smith Mountain Lake Resource for ALL THINGS Real Estate and Is UNIQUE IN HER APPROACH of Making ANY Real Estate Transaction FUN!!!!!! #SeriouslyFUN

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