Smith Mountain Lake Realtor | Buyers Agent for Smith Mountain Lake Noreen Hartkern

Noreen Hartkern has been a Smith Mountain Lake Realtor and Buyer’s Agent for Smith Mountain Lake Since 2001.

Noreen Hartkern, REALTOR is a Zillow 5 Star Agent!

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The best thing about being a smith mountain lake buyers rep is that you are in a position to truly help people attain, what they’ve set out to achieve.

Interest rates are super low and there are a few wonderful bargains left to choose from in every price range up to $5 million! *****So please keep in mind that anything under $500,000 is  an absolute steal.****

Get your FREE REPORT containing waterfront homes on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Be sure to specify your Lakefront Search Criteria if you are looking for something specific and we will send you those listings in addition to your FREE REPORT.

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