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Noreen Hartkern,
REALTOR RECRUITER FOUNDER (20 years experience)

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Noreen Hartkern reviews

Million Dollar Sales Club


Buyer’s Agent, Real Estate Coaching and Consulting, Commercial R.E., Home Building New Construction Specialist

My wife and I contacted Noreen in hopes of selling our waterfront lot at Smith Mountain Lake. Noreen visited our lot and pointed out that the market was saturated with lots for sale and that ours have some challenges in getting top dollar. After consulting her, we decided to build on the lot and asked for recommendation on a good builder in the area. She promptly suggested a builder would did quality work and good prices. We contacted the builder and we are now on our way to building our retirement home at Smith Mountain Lake. Thanks Noreen for the knowledge and wisdom in helping us. We have two couples who might also want to buy at the lake in the next few years and have already told them that Noreen is the go-to real estate professional to work with. Thanks for all you do, Noreen. we greatly appreciate you. Rick and Cynthia Butler


After doing a lot of internet research on potiential areas to purchase a vacation home, and one visit to Smith Mountain Lake, we decided this was the place for us. We are not ususally spontaneous people, but the beauty of the lake and surrounding area and mountains drew us in. We didn’t know anyone in the area which was intimidating. So the only way we had to pick a realtor was by doing research on the internet. After reading so many positive reviews of Noreen we decided to email her. From the first email all the way through to the end, Noreen was super responsive to our emails, calls and even texts. We love that she was so reponsive through texts especially as that was the easiest communitiation for us. I love Noreen’s laid back style. We felt totally comfortable and at home with her from the first meeting. Noreen quickly made us feel at ease. She treated us like family, not just like clients. I truly feel we have gained a life long friend at the lake, not just a lake house. Our budget happened to be on the lower end of the range for lake front property. The first couple visits were enojyable as we got to hang out with Noreen, but we weren’t able to find exactly what we wanted. I have trouble making decisions and was kind of hoping that somehow after hearing our preferences Noreen would be able to call us and say she’s found “the one”. Well that’s just what happened. Noreen found the most perfect house for us, an amazing house especially considering our budget. She contacted us right away and we rushed to see it. I’m the kind of person that has to really think things through and not make hasty decisions. I really appreciated Noreen’s gentle encouragement to give me the confidence that we were making the right choice in buying this house. She was also very patient in letting me take the time I needed to visit it multiple times in a weekend and make sure I was making the right desicion. I do not like to feel pressured into a decision, and I loved how Noreen never made me feel that way. If Noreen had not encouraged us to see this house, I know we wouldn’t have bought it. I dismissed it after seeing it on the MLS. But thank goodness we had a realtor that knew what we were looking for and urged us go see it. Noreen was also an excellent negotiator and was able to get us an excellent deal under the asking price. We were really happy with her ability to close the deal and get the things we wanted out of the deal. It’s obivous she’s done this for a long time and her experience is evident. I would absoluetly recommend Noreen to anyone looking for a SML home. She will take great care of you no matter your budget. Her knowledge of SML and the area is extensive and I loved talking with her over lunch about all things SML. I truly enjoyed our house hunting weekends because she never made them feel rushed or stressful or pressured. It felt like we were just coming to town and hanging out with a friend. If you are reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact Noreen! She’s a hard worker and will help you realize your SML dream too!


Noreen was more than helpful in finding a one level home to fit our needs. She was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of a home, if it was the shingles of a roof to the foundation. Noreen was also an expert in selling our home. Our house was on the market for only 9 days. The buying and selling was quite involved and complicated, but we had an agent who was on the ball. Noreen is honest and very personable. We would recommend her highly!


Noreen is wonderful!  She works so hard and gives 110% of herself to make sure that you are completely happy! We love Noreen, she is the best REALTOR ever!


Noreen worked hard to find a buyer for my Dad’s house on Smith Mountain Lake. Her knowledge of local listings and sales was absolutely spot-on in getting the best price for my Dad. That local knowledge was essential in determining the listing price and then in the negotiating that followed. Noreen is the best. She was responsive–always answered calls and e-mails promptly. And I appreciated her honesty. This was a difficult sale, and I always knew where we stood. She’s honest, a hard-worker, and knows the local markets. No one will work harder for you than Noreen.


– Highly likely to recommend

09/06/2014 – wer4dajazz

She is most knowledgeable in her field and very pleasing to work with. I would recommend to have her working for you as the seller or the buyer. Very good experience.
– Highly likely to recommend

09/04/2014 – chobee1991

Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Moneta, VA.
I have used Noreen to Purchase 2 Houses and Sell One over the last eight years. My wife and I would never have been able to do either without Noreen. She listened to what are needs were and acted on them 100%. She knows the Smith Mountain Lake area and does her homework. I have never met a more knowledgeable real estate professional in my life. Whether you are the seller or the buyer and I was both you will be very happy with her performance.
– Highly likely to recommend

09/04/2014 – mary8584

Sold a home in 2007.

I have had the pleasure of Ms. Hartkern’s help for several real estate transactions. She is highly detail oriented and completely thorough!

She is a great agent to have on your side!

– Highly likely to recommend

08/25/2014 – crhortiz

Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Moneta, VA.

We are writing to express our sincere thanks to real estate agent, Noreen Hartken, who represented us in our recent sale of an estate property and purchase of a single-family home at Smith Mountain Lake. Noreen guided us through the entire process of searching for a home to purchase, making the offer, and closing the deal. In addition, she helped in all aspects of our selling a property such as arranging for repairs to be completed to meet contract requirements. We credit to her for a smooth, stress-free sale and home-buying experience. Noreen is professional, savvy, and knows the lake property inside and out. To reiterate, we are nothing but pleased with Noreen Hartken and her expertise, and we highly recommend her to everyone.

Carol and Ashley Ortiz

– Highly likely to recommend

08/22/2014 – ksouthard2

Sold a home in 2014.
We worked with Noreen for awhile looking at all options for moving from one property to another at Smith Mountain Lake. Her emails with all current listings gave me the opportunity of reviewing at home before making a trip to the lake. We were successful in finding a new home and selling our existing property well within our timeframe and budget. Noreen is very knowledgeable of the area and provided reliable local contractors to help in the overall closing procedure.
– Highly likely to recommend

08/21/2014 – mcbrains

Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Moneta, VA.

We were coming to Smith Mountain Lake for the first time to look for a second home. Although we had never been to the lake before, Noreen asked about our interests and “requirements” before we arrived. We had never lived on a lake, didn’t normally frequent a lake, nothing. No experience whatsoever with a lake or lake property. The first time we visited, she had a whole days worth of homes to visit. She is extremely friendly and we hit it off right away. After learning what we liked and what we didn’t, she was more selective in the homes to show us the next time we came. Each visit we became better acquainted with Noreen and eventually it was more like coming to spend the day driving around and looking with a friend rather than just hunting for a house! We came and hunted about 5 different times in 2013, but just held off over the winter. Ever since before the first visit, Noreen had customized a weekly email that would send us a link to the listings that met our requirements so we could keep on top of things. We had almost stopped looking when in the spring of 2014 Noreen let us know that she had the perfect home for us. Better yet, it was right next door to her! We came and looked at it, loved it and the location and Noreen was right there through the whole process for us. Buying a home in an area where you can only get to for short periods of time is difficult, but Noreen was a lifesaver and helped us through it. She continues to be a close friend and wonderful neighbor.

Noreen has lived on the lake (in different places) for over 17 years, so is very knowledgeable about everything Smith Mountain Lake. She is also very familiar with where you do and don’t want to go to get what you want. She was extremely flexible with her schedule and would bend over backward for us. When you are picking a realtor in a new location, it sort of like pot luck on who you get the first go around. I chose Noreen because I had seen a video that she made to sell a home. She filmed it from the lake on a her boat. I thought that was very creative so gave her a call. I am so glad that I had picked Noreen for this adventure. I can honestly say that it is very possible that had we not found Noreen that we would not have continued our “hunt” for a place at SML. Her energy and personality just made us want to live there!

Thanks Noreen! We can never thank you enough for what you did for us and our family.

(I just hope we don’t get too loud).


– Highly likely to recommend

08/16/2014 – user5001329

Bought a home in 2013.
Noreen was just the type of professional realtor we needed. She really knew the area and could give us information we did not have regarding water depth around the lake, flooding concerns, and good neighborhoods. We needed her advice and recommendations, which she freely gave. She guided us in our negotiations and really made us feel comfortable with the process. I highly recommend Noreen!
– Highly likely to recommend

08/09/2014 – bwg144

Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Hardy, VA.
Noreen is very professional in her dealings with buyers and sellers. We’ve bought two houses and sold one with Noreen. Hopefully we are done buying and selling, but if not we will have Noreen as our agent. I don’t think she ever stops working, sending emails and leads at all hours of the day. Very friendly and honest in her approach to clients.

Smith Mountain Lake | Virginia Real Estate 

 Noreen Hartkern was my Realtor When I Bought My First House…I Had A Wonderful Experience! And A Lot Of Fun! All I Can Say Is Thanks Noreen! Billie Raper, Executive Chef Hotel Roanoke



I wanted to send a quick note and say Thank You!  We had a great week at the lake and look forward to many more!

You did a great job listening and helping us locate the right property for us.

Once we get the place a bit more spruced up we’ll have to have you over!

Best Wishes
Pete & Erin M.


 Thanks for the incredible service, Noreen.  You’re good!!

Brad and Paula G.


 Noreen, I am just stopping by to write to see how you are doing. Ashley and I are doing well and still making our house “us” we still love it and enjoy it more everyday! Look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Branden Robertson


 Dear Noreen,

Thanks for being such a great Realtor as well…. you are the best! We will have you over in the summer when the dock is done to finally celebrate…. Talk to you soon I am sure….:)

Thanks again for everything, 

Donna and Bernie C.


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