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Noreen Hartkern, REALTOR is a PROUD to be one of the Few Named Zillow 5 Star Agent!

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Smith Mountain Lake Buyer’s Agent Noreen Hartkern is celebrating 20 Years in Real Estate and is the founder of and full time waterfront home sales consultant, coach, blogger and agent.

“I have a uniquely laid back approach to real estate…it’s all by the book, but it doesn’t have to be stressful…afterall…Life’s Too Short!

In the past 15 years I’ve been called ‘funny, cool, witty, and intuitive’ by my clients….and while I wouldn’t call myself “cool”…that’s not a bad run, I’d say!”

“What I can tell you is this…I came into this business to bring people together.  In fact, that was my first slogan: ‘Bringing buyers and sellers together…one household at a time…’ and the feeling and sincerity behind it has never changed. The best thing about being a smith mountain lake buyers rep is that you are in a position to truly help people attain, what they’ve set out to achieve.

Noreen Hartkern

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Noreen Hartkern
MONETA, VA 24121

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noreen Hartkern is a well-respected Zillow 5- Star Agent on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, with over 20+ Years of Real Estate Expertise. Noreen is an Accomplished Realtor, Real Estate Consultant, New Construction Specialist, Blog Writer & Photographer. In Addition to Listings and Sales, Buyers and Sellers Agency, She has Extensive Experience as a Home Renovator, Rehabber and Flipper, and is a Published Author on That Very Topic.

Her Passion is Living and Working the Waterfront Lake Life and Helping Her Clients Find Lakefront Properties and Hidden Gems. Noreen is also an Accomplished Vocalist and Musician and Prides Herself on Being a Self-Made Entrepreneur. Quite Simply, Noreen is Your Smith Mountain Lake Resource for ALL THINGS Real Estate and Is UNIQUE IN HER APPROACH of Making ANY Real Estate Transaction FUN!!!!!! #SeriouslyFUN

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16 thoughts on “Buyers Agent Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate | Realtor

  1. Noreen, I thought it was great! I was just wondering what it would be like to have some action involved like boating, skiing, fishing, and dine & dock. I know the reason I’m attracted is because I see many different things to do, and yes, one of those is my morning coffee on the dock with a glass finished lake! Also, some footage of surrounding things to do in Lynchburg, Roanoke, ok if I have to Bedford. Otter’s Peak, Blue Ridge Parkway, wineries, etc, etc…….. some of the festivities during the year?

  2. Hey Noreen, That was great and I love coffee. I am sure it would taste better lakeside. See ya soon

  3. Hey Craig–
    As you can see, I’m a terrible actress! But a hell of a photographer…
    and I also do all of my own stunts! I will definitely have to continue
    my videos and will include as many of those sites and sounds along
    the way. Great to hear from you and thanks for the comment!
    Hope to see you and Gina here again soon!

  4. Hey Priscilla–
    I know you’re wondering if there was anything in my coffee…
    but I try not to do that in the morning when filming…
    just too easy to fall off the dock! Hahahah
    All the best!

  5. Thanks Carl!
    Yes, you are definitely correct…although my camera was on a tripod….and it was 7am–
    Have you seen this one I shot?
    There’s definitely more action there…
    And still more activity in the SML wakeboarding video: if you scroll to the bottom of that page you will see footage
    from the movie “What About Bob” shot right in front of Smith Mountain.
    And finally…most of you have already seen the pro SML Commercial found here:
    Thanks so much for visiting this blog Carl!

  6. Hey Jay–
    That’s what you get when you live here…after Labor Day you really own the place…
    it’s peaceful and you can get anywhere by water….fast!
    The autumn leaves this year were absolutely breathtaking!
    Hope to see you soon!

  7. Noreen,

    Nice video. I like it. The lighting could be better; as it would convey a more personal feeling if you could see your face better.

    Karsten Kohlrausch

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