Smith Mountain Lake: Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary

For those of you who were unable to make the trip to Virginia to Celebrate Marge & Bud Hartkern’s Golden Wedding Anniversary Party, I have created this blog post.

The only favor I ask is that you
-anything at all that would be fun and festive so that I can share your comments with my parents.  I hope this brings the celebration to you….
Many thanks to those of you who contributed your photos so that
I could make an accurate chronological re-enactment!

The Pizza Party: April 8th, 2011

Mom and Dad’s Actual 50th Anniversary

It’s Wonderful

“Oh, Happy Anniversary: (Horsing Around with Marc)

“Blow Out the Candles”

“The Flintstones: Happy Anniversary”

“Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” (The Rehearsal)

“Longer” (The Rehearsal)

“The Renewal” April 9, 2011 Resurrection Catholic Church, Moneta, VA

“Margie” Played by Le Hot Club de Big Lick

“Margie Sings Margie”

“My Buddy” The Movie

“Mom and Dad’s Silhouettes” (Watching My Buddy The Movie)

“Have I Told You Lately” (Musical Dedication for Mom–partial recording) Featuring: Nora  Stasio: Vocals & Noreen Hartkern: Vocals and tambourine, Marc Stasio: piano * Joan Stasio: organ, djembe drum, triangle * Joe Stasio: Guitar * Marc Stasio, Jr.: bass * Dave Hartkern: drums

“Longer” (Musical Dedication for Dad) Featuring: Nora Stasio: Vocals & Noreen Hartkern: Vocals and tambourine, Marc Stasio: piano * Joan Stasio:

organ, djembe drum, triangle * Joe Stasio: Guitar * Marc Stasio, Jr.: bass * Dave Hartkern: drums

“Route 66” Featuring: Marc Stasio: piano * Joan Stasio: organ, * Joe Stasio: Guitar * Marc Stasio, Jr.: bass * Bud Hartkern: trombone, Dave Hartkern: drums, Noreen Hartkern: Vocals

“It Had To Be You” Le Hot Club de Big Lick along with Dave Hartkern, Bud Hartkern, Marc Stasio and Noreen Hartkern

“Our Love Is Here To Stay” Le Hot Club de Big Lick along with Noreen Hartkern, Dave Hartkern and Marc Stasio

“Joan and David Dancing to September Song” by Le Hot Club de Big Lick

Le Hot Club de Big Lick featuring: Dan Adams, Violin * Bob Casey, Guitar * Scott Fore, Guitar * Jeff Hofmann, Upright Bass

I just made my mom and dad a photo book of their 50th on
Below you can see my page layouts in the book…these are low res images…
I have all of the hi-res photos. The slideshow will automatically play….

Click on the “Pictures” button and scroll back to picture 1
(the picture of them kissing) to start the slide show over again.


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10 thoughts on “Smith Mountain Lake: Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary

  1. Looks like you had a great day. Lots of great music. Nor, you still sound great.
    I loved hearing the song Margie. My mom use to sing it all the time since that was her name, too.
    Hope they have many many more years of bliss!!!!

  2. Wow! The music was fabulous, I\\\’m still listening to it! I felt like I was there. Nor, you\\\’re a class act my friend. What a wonderful celebration of your parents\\\’ 50th – they\\\’re very lucky to have such a kind and thoughtful daughter (and daughter-in-law) in you and Kim! You 2 are very special! Congrats again on the sale – its onward and upward from her my ladies, it can only get better and sweeter! See you this summer at Indian Pointe. XXXOOO Cous Denise

  3. Noreen,

    I have just spent about a good half an hour or more looking at the wonderful picture album and video that you put together. HOW WONDERFUL OF YOU TO DO THIS FOR THEM. It is truly terrific. I know they both must be sooooo pleased!!! MANY THANKS FOR SHARING WITH ME AND ANY OTHERS WHO MAY HAVE SEEN IT.

    Take care, dear. Hope your birthday was a happy day for you.

    God bless always.

    Love and Hugs,

  4. Noreen & Kim,
    Wow! That was wonderful. My mom and I just watched the video and looked through the photos. You did an awesome job!!! We had such a terrific time! My mom said, \"she\’s really glad she went.\" Thank you for all your hospitality! We love you!!!

    You did your mom & dad proud!

    All the best,
    Aunt Phil, Patti, Richard & the girls

  5. Patti–

    Thanks to you, I was able to make the book! I was so busy running around that I had a ton of video footage and not enough stills! You helped me round out the weekend!
    It was so great to see you guys! Wish the girls a happy Sweet 16 from us!
    Noreen & Kim

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