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Firstly, please let me offer my wishes that your family and friends are safe in the wake of both Harvey and Irma…and looming Jose…and may we NEVER FORGET the victims of 9/11.

I’m guessing that almost everyone who reads this article knows someone that has been effected by these tragedies….but we are a strong and resilient nation.

I’ve had quite a few people write to me this week and say that although they thought they might be headed to Florida for retirement, they are rethinking the whole thing and are now considering Smith Mountain Lake–


In all seriousness, it is going to take a very long time to rebuild parts of Florida, and some areas may never have the same feel. The same is true of my home state of NJ….they are STILL rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy which was 5 years ago. Why is this important? Well, quite a few of my clients and customers have told me that they are about 5 years away from retiring–some of the hurricane insurance monies in NJ haven’t even come in yet and I know this to be a fact as I know former staff of NJ Cares.

Let’s talk about sea level–
NYC is 33′ above sea level…..

St AugustineĀ and Marco Island are at sea level
Naples is 3′ above sea level
Miami is 6.5′ above sea level
Venice, Melbourne Beach and Cocoa Beach areĀ 9.8′ above sea level
Daytona is 13′ above sea level
Jacksonville is 16′ above sea level
Tampa is 48′ above sea level
St Pete is 44′ above sea level
Orlando is 82′ above sea level

Smith Mountain Lake Virginia?
Well, at “full pond” the top of the water is 795′ above sea level—
afterall…. we are in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Can lakes flood? Sure! But that’s why we have a
hydro-electric dam in place. It controls our water level
and at the same time produces clean energy without
the use of toxic waste.

In fact, we are one of the few lakes left in the USA that DOES NOT have a nuclear power plant.

Today’s list shows an array of prices for homes that have
“Deeded Assigned Docks”….they typically sit on higher ground
away from the water, or their dock is “up the street”—
sometimes there are views, sometimes there are not…..
***Just be sure to check out the POA/HOA dues for your budget, as deeded assigned
docks are typically maintained by the subdivision***

Anyway, some of these are condos, some townhouses, some single family homes—
something different! And all have docks that convey with the home.

Hope this finds you safe and well!
All the BEST!

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